Ben Horste

Ben has been playing guitar since he was 11. His biggest early influences were the triumvirate from the Yardbirds of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page as well as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Joe Satriani. He cut his performance chops with the Blue Lake International Jazz Band (on trumpet) and the Chance Band. His style could best be described as straight-ahead, powerhouse blues-based rock and roll. When not performing, he enjoys racing cars and spending time with his wife and young sons.

Aaron Borgman

Aaron is a Michigan native who began playing upright bass at 11 and electric bass at 13. Aaron honed his performance skills playing in musicals, orchestras, jazz bands, punk rock bands, and rock and roll cover bands. His previous groups include the West Shore Youth Symphony, Michigan Pops Orchestra, and Runway3. Aaron's playing is best described as solid blues-rock with a touch of psychedelia.  His influences include Cliff Williams, Phil Lesh, and Dusty Hill.

Mark Blumhardt

Mark was just 9 years old when he first heard the opening chords to "TNT" in the soundtrack of a video game.  That moment began a borderline unhealthy obsession with Australia's own AC/DC and the musical stylings of one Angus McKinnon Young.  Over the next 10 years, Mark diversified his tastes and co-founded a pair of Alternative Rock bands that performed throughout southeastern Michigan.  His style could best be described as 90's Alternative, with major influences including Weezer, Green Day and Eve 6.

Tom Rizzardi

Tom began piano lessons at age 4, adding trombone at 10. His influences include Ray Manzarek, Keith Emerson, Jon Lord, Richard Wright and Billy Joel; however, his hero is Alan Parsons. Prior to joining Lagerhaus5, Tom played with the Label, Amorphous Decor, Flying Colors and the Beatnik Hippies. When not blistering the ivories, he enjoys electronics, skiing, boating and golf.

Frank Pavlovcic III

Frank's love affair with rock and roll began at a very young age in Brighton, Michigan. Shortly after starting the local middle school band program as a percussionist, Frank channeled his teen angst forming a band with his similarly angst ridden compatriots and playing “Louie, Louie” and “Wipe out” for hours on end as these were the only two songs they knew. The breadth of Frank’s rock drumming depravity grew as he fell deeper into rock music and more rock bands. Despite a music degree and many years playing precision marching percussion with well-respected musical ensembles such as Michigan State University and Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps, Frank could not resist the call of the wild. At times, he would deliriously mumble, “76 trombones lead the big parade? How about a screaming Strat!” Frank achieved a small modicum of rock drumming sobriety by obtaining a non-musical day job and limiting his musical pursuits to studying computer music production and playing guitar.  When the invitation to play for Lagerhaus5 came, Frank was more than eager to fall off the wagon and has not looked back.